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Wondering what you can get involved helping animals in Korea?


By Choosing to adopt instead of buying from a pet shop or breeder, you give a homeless animal a second chance of happiness.  You can also promote adoption by sharing information about animal shelters with friends and colleagues who are considering adding a companion animal to their lives.



Save a life by making the commitment for abandoned animals in need and help them find their forever home.  Contact us to find out how to get your home ready and which animals have the most urgent need.   



Volunteer-run animal rescue groups like us always welcome many volunteers.  Shelters commonly need help with cleaning, grooming, exercising and socializing with shelter dogs.  Visiting once or regularly is always worth it and the animals are grateful for every minute you can spare. 


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

Are you interested in joining hundreds of dedicated animal lovers and making a positive difference in the lives of homeless animals? Then consider joining the Go Rescue Korea! Volunteers arean integral part of our rescue, and play important roles in the day to day operations. ​